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Media Conversion Services

M&M Sound and Media offers a variety of analog video and photo transfer services. Whether you want to preserve your precious memories or need to convert your business videos and photos to digital formats, we're here for you.

Your Oldest Memories - Modernized!

Home video systems have been around since the 60's and in 1983 the first consumer camcorder was released. Now, almost 60 years later, more than a dozen photo and video formats are obsolete and everyone just uses their phone to

capture family memories.

Our video and photo conversion services make it possible to have those memories in a digital format that can easily be transferred to your phone, stored on the cloud, and uploaded to YouTube!

Gone are the days of old cardboard boxes full of old reels!

What Can We Convert?

Here's a full list of the types of media we can convert to DVD or digital formats:

  • VHS

  • VHS-C


  • SD



  • SONY Hi

  • Digital 8

  • External Hard Drive

  • Flash Drive

  • DVD

  • CD

  • Cassette Tape

  • Record Albums

  • Photographs

  • 35mm Slides

  • Photo Negatives

What Format Do You Convert To?

Normally, videos are delivered on DVD(s), CD(s), or Thumbdrives. 

(You may provide your own Thumbdrive. Thumbdrives provided by M&M Sound and Media at an additional cost.)

Video files that are provided on thumbdrives are typically in MPEG4 format.

MOV, or AVI formats can be provided upon request. These formats are compatible with YouTube and Facebook.

Audio files, such as converted cassette tapes and albums are provided in MP3 or WAV formats.

With convenient curbside pickup, shipping, and no contact pickup, as well as

online payment options, now is the perfect time to

preserve your family memories!

Contact Us Today!

Thank you so much for all the time you spent helping everyone. I know you went above the call of duty so that our convention could "shine."

And that it did!

- Yvette Hebert

Convention Chairman, Louisiana Garden Club Federation, Inc.

Thanks! Message sent.

M&M Sound and Media
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